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GONDWANA - Das Praehistorium will remain closed until further notice due to pandemic protection regulations.



The 800 m2 large play-area won’t leave a child’s wishes unfulfilled by offering among other things a ball-volcano and –waterfall and trampolines. Raised 2 meters above the ground, there is an obstacle course - secured by ropes and nets - that guides the young explorers on elastic floors through tunnels and fast slides across “Gondi’s Dinowelt”.

Worldwide unique – as it was specially developed for GONDWANA-Das Praehistorium – is the over 8 meters tall wooden-framed dinosaur in the center of the play-area. From head to claw this dinosaur offers room on many levels for fun and games. Just as unique as the giant wooden-dinosaur are the Dinocarts with which the children can drive around an exciting racing circuit.
While their older siblings romp around the numerous attractions of the play-area, toddlers aged 0-3 can play in a separate area, for example in a crocodile ball-pool. Then even the adults can enjoy a time out while having a coffee without having to let their children out of their sight.

A museum and prehistoric immersive attraction, is all about bringing the history of life on Earth and the evolution of our planet itself to a broad public. GONDWANA - Das Praehistorium recreates the sights, sounds and smells of ancient worlds in a series of elaborate environments populated with highly convincing robotic animals and rich plant life.

The prehistoric landscapes progress through evolutionary history, linked by passageways which illuminate the scientific basis for the exotic panoramas with fossils - including the rare skeleton of the largest animal ever to walk the Earth, as well as paintings, globes, films and concise signage. Leading experts in paleontology, botany, interior design and special effects have advised on GONDWANA - Das Praehistorium, making it the most dynamic, convincing and comprehensive presentation of ancient life yet made. Audio tours for all ages and hands-on activities for children complete the GONDWANA - Das Praehistorium experience.

Be it a steamy Carboniferous forest with flapping giant dragonfly-like creatures, or sail-backed 4 meter-long reptiles roaring from clifftops as a Permian flood crashes down, GONDWANA - Das Praehistorium presents the world as it was made and remade for hundreds of millions of years before Man.

Time travel back to the dinosaurs

Time travel is possible! With time fog and a time fluid generator visitors of the Time Travel Section will be guided by Z.E.R.A. Time-Express Travel Agency step by step through the most important times during the history of mammals and mankind. That’s what was missing from GONDWANA - Das Praehistorium up to now: The modern age with the evolution of mammals and mankind. 
Perfect light, sound and simulations turn Time Travel into a special experience.

Space station ISS, industrialization, the age of discoveries, Egypt, a mammoth during the ice age, Australopithecus and the subtropical swamp of  Messel - these are just some of the stations that are frozen in time.
We wish you a great and exciting journey!


Paleontology - Our window to prehistoric times

Information and practical experience

Everyone who always wanted to know how paleontologists and lab technicians work can visit the “Paleolab”-part of the exhibition that can be found in the crossing of Phase I and Phase II.

At certain times there will be worked live on fossils - with the possibility to watch the scientists, ask questions or to try it yourself.

It is the worldwide biggest dinosaur-show with huge animatronic dinosaurs. Titanosaurus, Giganotosaurus and Aucasaurus meet in one of the dry landscapes of Patagonia during the cretaceous period. They threaten each other and their recently hatched young. One of the early mammals can only keep a low profile! An impressive and unique show-experience!


Now both films at GONDWANA-Das Praehistorium can be seen in 3D. The former “Big Bang-Theater” now shows a brand-new film that shows the complete almost 4 billion years of evolution, from the first life forms up to the space age, in 3D, with impressive sound and explanations!

The second film, even in 4D, at Gondwana-Das Praehistorium

An entertaining film about life in primeval and finalizing in the doom of the dinosaurs.



The 100 ton heavy giant shark “Megalodon”, that used to be the terror of the primeval seas, moved into his new home in a high-security wing that was created especially for him.

From now on, visitors will stand eye to eye with the biggest shark of its kind during the animated show. Merely a pane of glass separates them from the 18 m long “killer”, that lived 5 million years ago. Its teeth were up to 18 cm long and with the force of one bite he was ten times as strong as the white shark.

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